Founders. It's about family.

Plain and simple, the founders of LOJO are the Lay family. Eric and Niki Lay met way back in the day at Sierra College; quickly became best friends and within a week they were dating. Eleven months later they were married in the Oakland Mormon Temple.

“We are faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. We make our best efforts and realize we are very much not perfect. We strive to be better every day. We believe God has a plan for us here on Earth, and being blessed to be business owners with the opportunity to help others is a part of that plan.” –Eric Lay – CEO/Co-Founder

Their boys, Jonah and Logan, are two-and-half years apart and have always been the inspiration behind LOJO from day one. The company was rebranded back in 2008 with the effective name of LOJO, named after “the boys”.

Eric has a strong technical background with his bachelors degree in Information Technology and refocus on marketing with an MBA centered on Marketing. Eric spends a good amount of his time outside work serving in his church as a Youth Leader and Scoutmaster, working to help young men develop life skills. Other time is spent certainly with family planning out the next adventure. His hobbies hobbies include playing racquetball, coaching soccer, or working on a honey-due project. Something many people don’t know about Eric is that he is a country boy at heart. He was raised on an ostrich farm out in Loomis, California. Originally he wanted to be a veterinarian or a teacher, but life had other plans in store.

Niki is the finance brains behind the operation of LOJO. She manages the day to day finances and keeps the focus on the bottom-line. Her instincts with regards to human resource management are inspired. Outside of the office, Niki runs a full-time job in the role of mom; one of the most thankless jobs known, but certainly one of the most rewarding. She too serves in church responsibilities, working currently with the primary age children. She loves to spend time with family, be outside, play games, and read. She is also a huge Jane Austen fan.

Jonah and Logan continue to be an active part of LOJO. They get excited to take on more responsibility as they become older and desire to be more involved. Both boys are very active in school, sports, drama, Boy Scouts, and their musical interests. There’s never a dull moment in the Lay household.


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