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lojo_branding_service6Promotional branding is a great way make a big impact with a small amount of time and effort. Almost sounds too good to be true, but you wouldn’t believe how just a small promotional campaign can yield such big results. You should always be promoting your brand, whether your having a sale during the dry season or trying to get your share of the busiest time of year, promotions will draw interest and resonate top-of-mind awareness throughout your audience. And believe it or not, the masses are smart these days, which is why you need an expert partner like LOJO to help promote your brand.

Holiday promotions are one of the more popular and obvious ways to run campaigns, and there’s holidays just about every month of the year. If you’re looking for someone to run a monthly campaign for you, we have more options than you can shake a stick at, because we custom taylor our marketing plans to fit what works best for your company. If you just need advice, we are experienced at providing an expert analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing efforts. We can run tandem campaigns during overlapping seasonal and holiday schedules, and across multiple digital and print platforms. The sky is the limit when it comes to how many different ways or how often you can be promoting your brand.


Now lets talk about stress-balls. Have you ever been to a convention and someone is handing out free stress-balls? You take one right? Don’t feel guilty, everybody does it. Do they work to relieve stress? Doesn’t matter. The point is you took it and it has a logo on it. That could be your logo. You can put your logo on just about anything and people will take it if its free, and they’ll use it and show it to their friends, and you are promoting your brand with little to no effort. If you’re interested in putting your logo on T-shirts, polos, totes, pens, hats, water bottles, coffee mugs, mints, tissues, come into our office and we’ll show you a catalog so full of options it will blow your mind. Consider us a full-service vendor of brand marketing materials. We promise you will be surprised how little it can cost to promote your brand.

Have I mentioned “promote your brand” enough times? You should be repeating it like a mantra, that is, if you like new business. Explore all the different promotional campaigns LOJO offers, drop us a line, and find out how much more business you can be bringing in. Its worth a conversation, whether you decide to pursue a partnership with us or not. Lets discover the best methods to promote your brand together.

Stand out and be recognized by those who matter most, your clients.

LOJO can give your brand the lasting look it needs to get clients in the door.


“I have never dealt with a company that is so responsive the way LOJO is. Any time there is a glitch in our system, LOJO is just a phone call or a quick email away, and they are there, promptly helping us. Special thanks to everyone behind the scenes that made our website look so great. Their slogan “Problem Solved” couldn’t be more appropriate and fitting. LOJO is definitely on my referral list.”

Rosanna de León - BlueStone Asset Management

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