Digital Marketing Plan Prices

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Digital Marketing Plan Prices Available

Digital Marketing Plan Prices

A plan to fit your business.

We offer different digital marketing plan prices to meet your specific business goals and budget.

At LOJO, we are a team of digital marketing experts, SEO specialists, content creators, SEO copywriters, editors, paid ads specialists, and social media managers. Thus, partnering with us allows you to access top-notch talents without having to break the bank.

We can even reduce your overhead cost as we eliminate the need for hiring and maintaining your own digital marketing team.

On-Boarding and Setup Fee

Most digital marketing plan prices include a one-time onboarding and setup fee, which varies depending on the plan of your choice. 

Meanwhile, see the monthly digital marketing plan prices below.

Contract Term

Our marketing plans are based on a contracted period, with most agreements having a duration of 12 months. However, each proposal will outline the specific terms and conditions.

Inbound Marketing Retainer Price




Each campaign is set up from the start with your ideal customer in mind.

Recurring marketing activities to reach your goals.

A complete suite of marketing software.

Buyer Persona Development

  • Full profile build for every defined persona

Personas are the core of all our marketing efforts. We take time to interview you and any associated customers to flesh these personas out as true representations of your ideal buyers. Therefore, our content will resonate and compel your actual prospects to go down the marketing funnel.

Buyers Journey Creation

  • Create a master list of the key needs question and concerns for each stage of the buyers journey.

The three stages of the Buyers Journey are  Awareness, Consideration and Decision.

Campaign Road Map Creation

  • Create a campaign roadmap
  • Content Calendar

This is where we take the campaigns goals and objectives and assign required activities, content and software to achieve the desired results.

Email Newsletter Creation

  • Creation of 1 newsletter template

Set up a company branded newsletter to keep in touch and create loyalty with you client base. 

Contact List Clean Up/Import

  • LOJO will take the provided email contacts and run the list through an email verification program to ensure email deliverability. 
  • Once the list has been scrubbed. The contacts will be uploaded into the marketing automation/email software program.  

Analytics Install

  • Instillation of Goggle Analytics and or Facebook Pixel (Depending on where the traffic from the emails is being routed.)

Landing Page Creation

  • LOJO will set up (1) specific landing page for email (or other) campaign (as needed). 
    Note: Additional landing pages can be created as part of the Content/Offer creation or quoted as needed.

Content Offer Includes:

  • 1 new (Minor/1-page) content offer (tip sheet, checklist, etc.) per quarter. 

Note: Premium content offer creation is available at an additional charge. Offers could include white papers, 10X landing pages, etc.

  • Creation of accompanying blog article

Offer Promotion Campaign:

  • Landing page (See the website enhancement section)
  • Thank You page (See the website enhancement section)
  • Promote in a post on Social Platforms.
  • Email promo (See the email marketing section)
  • CTA(s) (See the website enhancement section)

** Additional content offers can be added as needed on an a-la-cart basis.

Blogging Activities Include:

  • 1 blog articles/mo

Each article is fully keyword optimized and contains citations and internal links as applicable. In effect, each article is run through a software to check for spelling and grammar. 

  • Refresh the editorial calendar for content creation and management on a quarterly basis.
  • Posting of the Blog or content snippet to Social Media.

** Additional content creation can be added as needed on an a-la-cart basis.

Social Media Management Includes:

  • Basic posting of content created as part of the overall marketing campaign. (See Blog and Content Offer sections.)

Note: Premium social media services are available at an additional cost. Premium services may include things such as, contest creation, social media account moderation, social media specific content, social media account augmentation, etc.

Website Enhancement Includes:

  • Sync design strategy with inbound marketing Road Map
  • Review of site page performance – prioritize design needs accordingly. For examples: Form creation, landing page creation, and conversion optimization. 
  • Edits Include: 1-2 updates per month (Approximately 1-2 hour. of updates) as needed. 

Note: These updates may include graphic design that is not limited to use only on the website (IE: Social Media graphic creation.)

Email Marketing Includes:

  • Creation of email content for 1 email. LOJO will provide (up to) 2 unique images per email campaign template created.
  • Arrangement and integration of any client provided content.
  • 1 email campaign sent (per month as needed). Campaigns consist of an email created and sent to a designated customer recipient list. 

Text Message Marketing Includes:

  • Creation and implementation of 1 text message marketing campaigns per month. 

Note: Text message and keyword rates apply and are additional to the plan.

Workflows / Lead Nurturing Creation Includes:

  • Setting up and activation of 2 workflow within the marketing automation software. Work flows include trigger points and corresponding actions taken as a result, of the triggers being met. 

Additional Campaigns Include: 

  •  Quarterly brain storming of seasonal and or limited time offers.

Quarterly Campaign Promotion Activities May Include: 

  • Digital flyer design (See content offers section)
  • Graphics and or banner to add to the website (See website enhancement section.)
  • Social media graphics (See website enhancement section.)
  • Coordination of print/mailing service (Physical printing and mailing is an additional cost.)
  • Promotional email send (See email section)

Marketing Software Support​ Includes:

  • Screen Share training available upon request. (1 a month)
  • Phone call support as needed.

Strategy/Review Sessions Include:

  • 1 call/virtual meeting per month as needed.
  • Monthly planned activities/performance reports. 

LOJO’s Marketing Software

  • Plan includes a discount on:  1 license for a monthly subscription to LOJO’s marketing automation software. 
    Note: A client can choose to upgrade marketing software to HubSpot with a separate plan/agreement and an additional charge.
  • Full setup and utilization of LOJO or HubSpot software/tools for maximum efficiency
  • Software training for all relevant internal staff
  • CRM setup/integration


  • Full Marketing Automation
  • Blog Builder
  • Dynamic Form Builder
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Dynamic Landing Pages
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Behavior-Based Email
  • CRM & Sales Automation
  • Anonymous Visitor ID

The LOJO Marketing software package has 100,000 contacts free, and up 30,000 email sends per month.

Note: Any add-on services will incur additional fees that will be reflected in each billing cycle. 

LOJO’s Software packages are independent of all other marketing plans and services. 

For this reason, these plans are billed separately and are performed on a month to month commitment. 

All other plans and services are locked in for the stated period of the marketing contract. 

(Optional) Marketing Software Ad-Ons:

Sales Dialer – Log calls in your customers profile

Mail Sync – Log emails in your customer profile

Review Llama

  • Plan includes a discount on: : 1 Review Llama license (Good for one physical location.) 
  • Creation of a client – customer / email entry portal
  • Set up of review campaign
  • Set up of email review request sequence
  • Training on Review Llama admin portal

Call Tracking

  • Plan includes a discount on: 1 Toll-Free or Local phone number. 
    Note: Additional numbers as well as International numbers are available at an additional charge.
  • Included Call Minutes: 200 Min./Month

Note: Additional minutes are available at  an additional charge.

  • Analytics to track your campaigns 
  • Record inbound calls for free

Text Message Marketing

  • Plan includes a discount on:  The software platform to perform text messaging campaigns. 

Messaging Rates

  • .08 Cents Per Text
  • $30 Per Promotional Keyword

Note: No texts or keywords are included in the plan. Each is billed separately. Larger QTY of texts (2500 a month or more) are eligible for discounted rates.

Security Firewall

Plan includes a discount on: One license of LOJO’s monitoring and protection platform. 

Platform Features Include:

Monitoring Platform

  • Malware Distribution
  • Blacklisting Incidents
  • SEO Spam
  • Phishing Lure Pages
  • Whois Changes
  • DNS Changes
  • SSL Certificates

Protection Platform

  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks
  • Software Vulnerability Exploitation Attacks and Attempts (i.e., SQLi, XSS, RFI / LFI, and other similar events)
  • Protection against the OWASP Top 10 (and more)
  • Access Control Attacks (i.e., Brute Force attempts)

Additional Digital Marketing Services

Additional Digital Marketing Services

Strap on extra rocket fuel with an additional digital marketing plan.

We understand that each business has different needs, goals, and target audience. With this in mind, we offer digital marketing plans prices tailor-made to your requirements.

For instance, if your main goal is to attract customers during the initial stage of the buyer’s journey, our digital marketing experts recommend SEO plans and/or PPC plans. 


PPC Plans

Get exposure and leads fast with a target PPC campaign. 



(plus one-time setup fee of $350)
- All Plans Include a call tracking charge of $40/Month -

This plan is perfect for you if you’re looking for a starter pack for your online advertising campaign or want to keep your PPC campaigns in maintenance mode.

Our WHITE DWARF PLAN also allows you to focus on one advertising platform of your choice as you boost your brand awareness and sales.



(plus one-time setup fee of $600)
- All Plans Include a call tracking charge of $40/Month -

This plan is ideal for small- and medium-sized companies who have had success in their PPC campaigns.

With our RED GIANT PLAN, you can focus on your best-selling products, set up your ad campaigns, and ultimately expect a drastic increase in your sales.



(plus one-time setup fee of $900)
- All Plans Include a call tracking charge of $40/Month -

This plan is ideal for businesses with multiple brands or products that require aggressive online advertising campaigns. 

With our HYPERGIANT PLAN, well-established brands and e-commerce companies can further boost their sales and grow their customer base.

Inbound Social Advertising Plan

Target your Buyer Personas in the world of social Media.




The LOJO Marketing Software Package comes with 100,000 contacts and up to 20,000 email sends per month. 

Note: Any addition to the contact or email list may incur an additional fee that will be reflected in the next billing cycle.

Recurring marketing activities to reach your goals.

Social Remarketing Plans

Boost brand awareness, increase online presence, and grow customer base.



(plus one-time setup fee of $500)

The SUN SPOT PLAN allows you to retarget consumers who have already made contact with your business. Through social media analytics, your remarketing efforts are focused on quality leads who are likely to make a purchase.



(plus one-time setup fee of $900)

This plan is for companies that need an aggressive remarketing campaign.

  • Audience Interest Remarketing.
  • Action Based Remarketing.
  • Renewal Retargeting.
  • Reviews/Referral Remarketing.
  • Sequential Remarketing.

SEO Plans

If you are focused on long-term ROI, SEO is the right choice!




If you are getting started and want to show up on the map (Google Maps – Google My Business)? This is the plan for you!



- Content Marketing Plan -

This plan is all about attracting the right kind of customers with targeted content. Give them what they want!



- Super Charged Content Marketing Plan -

Bring the visitors in and give them a content feast! That is what this plan is all about. 

Inbound Email Marketing Plan

Email marketing is the best marketing tool for customer acquisition and retention. Make sure that you harness its full potential!




Email is helpful for every stage of the inbound marketing campaign.

Recurring email marketing activities to reach your goals.

Add-On (A La -Carte) Services

We understand that your digital marketing campaign may need more boost in some months because of the holiday season, or perhaps you have a new product launch that requires a piece of content. That’s what our add-on services are all about.


$250/Per Occasion


Boost your customer interaction with the most efficient and effective form of marketing.

An additional email campaign can be billed as a stand-alone service (a la carte) or rolled into an inbound marketing or SEO plan for an extra boost.


$250/Per Occasion


Content creation such as blogs and articles is a powerful lead generation tool in which the users give personal information in exchange for free content.

This “extra” can be billed as a stand-alone service (a la carte) or rolled into a full-service marketing or SEO plan for an additional boost.


$100/Per Occasion


Blog creation is a great tool for customer acquisition and brand awareness. Also, it is a powerful strategy that boosts your Google search engine ranking.

This blog article can be billed as a stand-alone service (a la carte) or rolled into an inbound marketing or SEO plan for an additional boost.


$150/Per Occasion


Marketing automation or workflow uses intelligent software to do time-consuming manual tasks such as email sending and notifications.

Workflows can be billed as a stand-alone service (a la carte) or rolled into an inbound marketing SEO plan for an additional boost.

Premium Services

These services are ideal for companies whose products involve an extended buying cycle. Our goal here is to have meaningful engagement with the target audience to turn them into actual customers.




If your buyer persona is active on social media like Facebook and Instagram, these premium activities can help you build a strong customer relationship.

These premium social media activities can be billed separately (a la carte) or rolled into a full-service marketing or SEO plan.




Occasionally your website and marketing plan needs an extra boost through the use of valuable content tailored to your buyer persona.

At LOJO, we make sure that your tailored content reaches your target audience at the right time and in the right place, aka buyer’s journey.

These premium activities can be billed separately (a la carte) or rolled into a full-service marketing, PPC, or SEO plan.

Charting your path through the marketing universe has never been easier.

If you are ready to get started with our digital marketing plan or would just like to have a real-life human answer your questions, simply, call us anytime or schedule a quick call. We are excited to be your loyal partner!