Event Collaterals Supercharge Choate Performance On-Ground Presence at the PRI Trade Show

Choate Engineering Performance is all set to make quite the impact at the 32nd Annual Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show in Indianapolis this weekend, December 12 to 14, 2019.

Armed with a fresh set of marketing collaterals, and a brand new system to capture leads at the event, the Choate Engineering Performance team is pumped up and all raring to go and looking forward to generating lots of new business from the attendees at the big weekend event.

Hosted annually at the Indiana Convention Center, the PRI Trade Show is the epicenter of the global motorsports industry, with tens of thousands of buyers from all over the world representing racing retail stores, warehouse distribution centers, professional race engine builders, race car production companies, and other similar businesses.

Eric Lay, co-founder and CEO of LOJO Marketing, said Choate Engineering Performance was really excited about participating in the PRI Trade Show this year.

“It is the largest conference in the mid-west for the performance racing industry,” says Lay about the PRI Trade Show. And for this particular event, “Choate Performance Engineering wants to focus on being the top-of-mind one-stop solution for all things diesel.

Lay said Choate approached LOJO to help the Tennessee-based specialty machine shop maximize their presence at the upcoming racing industry trade show.

“Choate Performance needed a custom-designed landing page solution to collect data from those interested in their services as well as from folks entering their contests at the event,” explained Lay.

“For this purpose, we created a landing page for Choate just for the event,” Lay related. “They initially were going to purchase software for such when the solution of a custom-designed landing page came about. This way, they can own the information directly themselves and control the form in which it is collected– a much better solution all around.”

Choate’s on-ground event team will be using specially prepared iPads to have individuals fill out the forms during the trade show.

Other marketing collaterals utilized to complement Choate Performance’s on-ground promotional efforts included two new sets of branded stickers as giveaways and a jazzed-up display booth, along with new business cards, branded T-shirts, and a 7-foot tall 48” x 90” fabric tube display as a showcase piece.

Choate Performance has been hard at work these last several months, having just gone through some rebranding. They also managed to launch a new website, as well as implemented other digital marketing activities that all lead up to their on-ground presence at the PRI trade show this weekend.

The annual Performance Racing Industry Trade Show brings together more than 1,000 exhibiting brands and over 3,300 booths, showcasing the latest advances in racing technology and motorsports products and services.

Family-owned and operated, with everything made in the U.S.A., Choate Engineering continues to dedicate itself to high standards of excellence and service. Choate Engineering Performance stands as one of the premier specialty machine shops in the country today with its strict quality control policies and its crack team of engine technicians.

(Photos are just some of the highlights from this year’s Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show in Indianapolis.)