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Below is the beginning of a new resource list that we’d like to have as one of the more comprehensive lists on the internet for helping business owners grow their business. If you have some comments we’d love to here from you. Your comments may be for additional links that we should add to help other business owners or managers or you may have some feedback about the effectiveness of the resources listed.

Eventually it’d be nice if we can have enough to add some categories and even a search element to this page. Know of a resource? Click here to access our Free Resource submission form. If you like what you see here, feel free to check out our current Specials.

Advanced Website AnalysisGoogle Analytics

For understanding the complexities of how traffic flows through your website, Google Analytics is one of the most comprehensive tools meant for advanced users, and it has always been completely free to use. It is recommended that you take the free online course first, which will teach you how to interpret the data, and even help you set up your account.

Image EditingResize Your Image

If you don’t have any of those expensive, complicated photo editing software available, and all you want to do is crop or resize an image, this is one of the easiest tools around, and completely free. There are only three steps, and it has just the right amount of options to keep it simple.

Online Presence OverviewMoz

Here is a quick and easy way to summarize all the ways customers find your business online. All you need is an accurate business name and a zip code, which there’s no reason you shouldn’t have. It can show you online reviews, social media statistics, and generalized scores. Explore for yourself and see how you stack up against your competition.

Large File Size Transfers and StorageDropbox

Every business needs to transfer files occasionally, but sending them through email may not always be the best option. Dropbox has a safe and secure way to transfer exceptionally large files, and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny, unless you want to upgrade to even larger file storage space. The best part is, the more Dropbox users you’re connected to, the more space you’ll have available.

Archived WebsitesThe Way Back Machine

Have you ever had a favorite website that you were going to share with someone, and when you go to show them it has randomly disappeared? Or have you ever wondered what some of the more popular sites today used to look like when they were just starting out? The Way Back Machine keeps a log of virtually ever site ever created, and you can access all of them for free.

Screen CapturesJing

Here is a handy screen capture software that lets you record video, audio, or still images in a variety of ways. Upload your captures to a linkable online source you can share at your discretion.

Private Information SharingQuick Forget

If you’re afraid to send out secret information online like passwords or legal info, here is a way to do it without keeping a record of it. You decide how many people can see it and how many times they can see it, and how long the information is available.

Social Media PostsHootsuite

If you’re tired of having to post the same information on all your social sites manually, this will save you time and cost you nothing. Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts to multiple accounts all from one place.

Customer Relationship ManagementInsightly

Since you’re likely not using Rolodex anymore, you’re probably in need of an industry proven tool to manage all your customers’ contact information. Luckily Insightly has a freeware version of their extremely popular CRM system that lets you store up to 200 Mb of data for a total of 2,500 entries.

Phone Conference

If you’ve ever been in the middle of a conversation and unable to explain something in words that you wish you could just show them instead, is a great way to share your screen out to multiple people on a call. We suggest you set this up before you’re in that conversation, as there is software that must be downloaded by all parties.

There are many more free tips to come, so keep checking back.

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