inbound-methodologyReturn On Investment is the basis of all efforts. Inbound is a methodology focused on growth driven campaigns designed to work inline with existing company goals.

For more detailed information on Inbound marketing ROI, click here to view the 2017 Inbound marketing ROI Report.

Companies that are new to Inbound marketing that may have a limited budget and are looking to grow 10-15% per quarter will be delighted with our Basic plans. For medium sized companies that needing to outsource their Inbound marketing efforts and want to grow by 15-25% per quarter are best suited for our Professional plans. For Enterprise level companies with an aggressive growth goal of 25% per quarter and need external professionals to help them reach these goals, for this reason we have created our Enterprise level plans.

The below features and differentials list are to assist in providing an understanding of the types and amounts of efforts which may be performed as needed to yield results. The monthly specific strategies are managed by an assigned LOJO Inbound Marketing Specialist.


Monthly Plan Amount:

$4,000 +

HubSpot Fees
(Est. $800/mo software + $50/mo per 1k contacts)


Monthly Plan Amount:

$8,000 +

HubSpot Fees
(Est. $800/mo software + $50/mo per 1k contacts)


Monthly Plan Amount:

$12,000 +

HubSpot Fees
(Est. $2,400/mo software + $10/mo per 1k contacts)

Qualification Guide

Inbound Experience
Starter Intermediate Proficient
Target Revenue Growth
10-15% per Quarter 16-24% per Quarter 25%+ per Quarter
Digital Marketing Budget
5K a month 10K a month 15k a month

Plan Features & Differentials

Inbound Plan Name
Inbound Setup Fee
$2,000 Included Included
Dedicated Inbound Consultant
Sr. Level
Inbound GamePlan & ScoreCard
Strategy/Review Call
1 Per Month 2 Per Month 1 Per Week
Website Support & Maintenance*
+ 18 Month Refresh
Buyer Personas*
Up to 2 Persona Profiles Up to 6 Persona Profiles Extensive Development
Campaign Kickoff + Training
Digital Kickoff, No Training Digital Kickoff, No Training On-site Kickoff + Training
Monthly ROI Assessment
Monthly Keyword Analysis
Monthly Content Calendar
Blog Posts
1-2 Per Week 3 Per Week 4-5 Per Week
Setup / Customize Social Media
Social Media*
Updates + Monitoring Update, Monitor, Train *Complete Manage
PPC Manage*
Not Included Google & Bing *Complete PPC
Call-to-Action & Landing Page
1 Per Quarter 3 Per Quarter 3 Per Quarter
New Offers (ebook, guide, etc.)
2 Per Year 4 Per Year 8 Per Year
1-2 Per Month 1 Per Week 1 Per Week
Not Included 1 Per Month 1 Per Month
Workflows/Lead Nurturing Campaign
1 Initial Campaign 1 Initial Per Persona Adv. Per Persona & Offer
On-Page SEO Review & Upadates
Off-Page Technical SEO*
Local SEO
Google & Bing Moz Local Essential Moz Local Advance
Competitor Analysis
Bi-Annually Quarterly Monthly
HubSpot Managment
Included Included + Training Included + Training
Reviews Management
Not Included Included Included
Visual Content Creation & Marketing
Not Included Not Included Included
Press Release Marketing
Not Included Not Included Included
Media Relations
Not Included Not Included Included
Customized Reporting & Analytics
Not Included Not Included Included

Plan Pricing

Inbound Plan Name
Basic Professional Enterprise
Services Starting At:
$4,000/mo $8,000/mo $12,000/mo
Inbound Setup Fee
$2,000 Included Included
Plus HubSpot Fees
Est. $800+/mo Est. $800+/mo Est. $2,400+/mo

Plan Add-ons (Gasoline for the fire)

PPC Management
View PPC Plans Included Per Above Included
Reviews Management
$150/mo + $250 Setup Included Included
More Content Creation
Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

Terms and Conditions

All of LOJO's Inbound Marketing services related to online marketing can take time and are not and should not be viewed as miracles expecting for results to be delivered immediately. Depending on the specific industry, geographic, and demographic being targeted, results may very. All plans are set for a contract term of 12 months unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. The purpose of the contract time period is to work with the client to perform lead generation through a variety number of Inbound Marketing efforts as noted in the plan features description. Terms and conditions may be revised by LOJO as needed and will provide a 30 day notification prior to changes going into effect.

  • After the initial contract time frame, this agreement will continue on a month-to-month basis. If you no longer wish to continue the service being provided we will require a 30-day notice of cancellation of service prior to the monthly auto renewal going into the next monthly cycle. cancellation must be provided via written letter or email. LOJO reserves the right to update marketing plan pricing or services with notice. LOJO does not include the redesign or new website programming as part of any related inbound marketing plan.
  • These are considered out of scope tasks that are to be quoted separately by a LOJO Solutions Engineer as needed. Billing occurs on the 20th of each month as a pre-payment on the upcoming months marketing efforts. A 3% late fee will be assessed if payment has not been received by the 5th of the following month after billing has occurred. (15 days past due)
  • An additional 3% compounding late fee will be assessed with each passing 30 day period until the account will be subject to default if payment has not been received after 60 days. At such time, the outstanding balance for any remaining contract term as well as past due balance will be due immediately and handed over to collections to make further reasonable attempt to collect on monies due from this agreement regardless of future services to be rendered.
  • By nature of signing up for a LOJO Digital Marketing Service Agreement with any of our plans, you hereby agree to the above terms and conditions.