Social Marketing is a key step in building a trusted brand. Customers purchase from trusted sources.

Marketing studies show that, while 14% people trust ads, 76% of people are more likely to trust their friends and family recommendations for purchase decisions. Social Media Marketing services such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are valuable engagement, marketing and support tools if used effectively for your business.

Social media is essential to driving traffic to your website which additionally will help to keep your search engine rankings moving up!

LOJO Marketing can assist your business with initial account setup, optimizing existing accounts, and creating great content to circulate via social media to engage valuable traffic to your business and brand. Give us a call today to speak with a team member for more information.



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Small Biz


Best Value

Big Business


Most Impact

Management Frequency

1 Day Per Week
3 Days Per Week
5 Days Per Week

Account Setup

Google Plus
Upon Request Upon Request Upon Request Upon Request
Upon Request Upon Request Upon Request Upon Request
One-Time Setup Fee
$500 (Per Persona) $500 (Per Persona) $500 (Per Persona) $500 (Per Persona)

Account Management Features

Content Creation
Custom Design
Monitor Social Mentions
Audience Engagement
Twitter Following/Followers
Monitor & Respond to Comments
Run & Manage Contests


Work Reports (Monthly)
Analytic Reports



Plan Pricing

Basic Start-up Small Biz Big Business
Monthly Cost
$395 $795 $1195 $1595

Terms and Condition

All of LOJO's Digital Marketing services related to online marketing can take time and are not and should not be viewed as miracles expecting for results to be delivered immediately. Depending on the specific industry, geographic, and demographic being targeted, results may very. All plans are set for a contract term of 12 months unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. The purpose of the contract time period is to show web site traffic improvements or equivalent progress toward selected online objectives.

  • After the initial contract time frame, this agreement will continue on a month-to-month basis. If you no longer wish to continue the service being provided we will require a 30-day notice of cancellation of service prior to the monthly auto renewal going into the next monthly cycle. cancellation must be provided via written letter or email. LOJO reserves the right to update marketing plan pricing or services with notice. LOJO does not include the redesign or new website programming as part of any related digital marketing plan.
  • These are considered out of scope tasks that are to be quoted separately by a LOJO Solutions Engineer as needed. Billing occurs on the 20th of each month as a pre-payment on the upcoming months marketing efforts. A 3% late fee will be assessed if payment has not been received by the 5th of the following month after billing has occurred. (15 days past due)
  • An additional 3% compounding late fee will be assessed with each passing 30 day period until the account will be subject to default if payment has not been received after 60 days. At such time, the outstanding balance for any remaining contract term as well as past due balance will be due immediately and handed over to collections to make further reasonable attempt to collect on monies due from this agreement regardless of future services to be rendered.
  • By nature of signing up for a LOJO Digital Marketing Service Agreement with any of our plans, you hereby agree to the above terms and conditions.