Stephen Platte

Solutions Engineer

Hello my name is Stephen. I am the Solutions Engineer here at LOJO. The title Solutions Engineer was developed because of what I do with each of my clients. First I get to know you and your company so I can discover what it is that you need to grow your business. Then I get to reach into the tool bag of services LOJO offers and find the right ones to solve problems and help your company grow.

Over all I am a pretty easygoing, friendly person. I don’t like high-pressure sales or being pushed into decisions. So I always treat my clients the way I want to be treated. I do my best to lay out all the information and choices and make a educated recommendation for your consideration.

On a personal note, I enjoy spending quality time in the garage working with wood and metal, building and fixing things. I love the outdoors and enjoy camping and hiking. My family is my true passion and they motivate me to work hard and become a better person. I have a wonderful wife Janae and 4 great children. All my kids are into sports. As a family we spend time at the fields playing baseball/ softball and soccer.

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