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Warranty & Support

We strive to be your partner and will stand behind our work.

LOJO's Warranty & Support Statement

LOJO Marketing stands behind its products and services. For all of our design and programming services, we make sure to ONLY have you sign and approve of the work upon satisfaction of what has been created. With all digital marketing services as stated in the terms and conditions for such services, we cannot provide a guarantee of service, but will perform our level best to deliver the desired results as we understand that if we want a clients longterm business, we must certainly work towards delivering results which are indicative to the dollars being spent.

We understand a businesses website to be an investment and so the same is with any marketing and design. The concept of any investment is to yield a return. LOJO strives to work as a partner and has support plans as needed for those projects which may need more longterm maintenance. Maintenance plans can be discussed with a LOJO Solutions Engineer or an Account Manager by calling or contacting us via email.

With regards to warranty, LOJO has an open 30 day warranty for all programming and design related items from the date of sign-off or publication to the web. If at anytime your website or graphics need to be revised to match what was signed-off for any reason, just contact us and we will take care of this with priority.

Beyond the 30 day warranty period if a client comes across something they had not tested prior, we are very reasonable and certainly would like our clients to always be satisfied, so just contact us and we will review the situation on a case-by-case basis.

We urge all clients to keep their websites up to date with current coding standards as the code does become deprecated over time. If your website is built on WordPress, the platform itself requires updates on a routine basis to keep up with security standards. Additionally, individual plug-ins and custom coding will also require updates to maintain process integrity for consistent and continued success. Much like an automobile, websites require maintenance, if not things will break. If a website is not currently up to date and something malfunctions, this would be considered a billable web update to fix, which the client would be responsible for.

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