Corporate Branding

lojo_branding_service3Corporate branding is essential to how you are perceived by your clients. If your logo is the face of your company, your corporate brand is what you’re wearing to the interview. Your customers are going to judge you on how professional you seem and if they can trust you, so why not look as sharp as you can? LOJO can help you with the essentials to make the best first impression on your clients.

An example of a corporate branding package created for our client Premier Concrete:


LOJO offers branding packages as complete or as budget friendly as your company needs, but what we recommend all of our clients should have is a basic branding package. This covers your logo, business cards, letterhead, and a branding standards document. Without these basic necessities, your brand won’t look as professional as it already is. Even before your website is built, you should have at least a logo and business card for yourself. There is a certain order to things that people generally follow, but if you get off to the wrong start it could effect all your progress moving forward as a business. LOJO can give your brand the kick-start it needs to launch itself into the competitive arena of your industry.

  • Logo Design
  • Branding Standards Document
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Folder Design
  • 8.5×11 or 11×17 Folded Brochure
  • One Sheet Flyer
  • Custom Email Template
  • Custom Landing Page

Corporate branding may seem like a cold word, but its the best way to describe the unification of your brand materials. In order to maintain a cohesive brand, you need guidelines and a unified look and feel in your corporate climate. Not only will your customers notice a difference, but your employees will have more pride, dedication to your brand, and increased productivity. LOJO has worked with clients of virtually every size, from global corporations to single individuals running a business from home. We’ve worked with clients heavily throughout the greater Sacramento area, outside California, even outside the U.S. We have the capability to integrate corporate branding at any level.

LOJO is probably most well know for its original websites, but we’ve also made changes to as many existing websites that needed small or huge changes. We encourage you to visit the Web Design section of our site to see how we can make your website fit better into your corporate brand. We notice a lot how branding elements are used incorrectly on different companies’ websites. When we try to win your business, we do our research and look for ways we can improve your brand and the user experience. We regularly perform site audits for potential clients to help point out areas of improvement. We can do similar audits to all of your branding materials to help determine the highest priority items that will help your business grow.

No matter the size, or how developed it is, you have a corporate brand. It may just be a concept, or you may have been stuck with a design you’ve used for years and hated the whole time. That’s what we’re here for, to help refine or recreate your brand so that your customers can recognize you and feel comfortable sticking with you as a returning customers.

Stand out and be recognized by those who matter most, your clients.

LOJO can give your brand the lasting look it needs to get clients in the door.


“Thanks to LOJO for the great work on the logo, business and post cards. We love it and have gotten numerous compliments on the finished products!”

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