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lojo_branding_service2Graphic design can add an invaluable flair to your brand that could take it to the next level of professionalism. If you think your brand is dull, boring, or uninteresting, its likely because its lacking strong supporting graphics. The term “graphics” applies to a broad spectrum of things, so lets go over some examples of how to incorporate graphics that will improve your brand.

Iconography is a set of symbols that relate to different subjects or ideas. Perhaps you sell a variety of products and you want to visually represent them in a cohesive way with your brand. Or maybe you offer different services that you’d like visually represented on your website in a simple and identifiable manner. LOJO has developed hundreds of custom icons and symbols for our clients for that very purpose. We’ve created custom graphics for virtually every industry, and know how to custom tailor the look of those symbols to match the look and feel of your brand. For every additional custom graphic we create for you, it strengthens your brand and solidifies your standing among your competitors. Incorporating custom icons into your brand also gives your company a more professional and knowledgeable demeanor. If custom iconography isn’t in your budget, we can work with you to find a solution that can work. LOJO has a vast library of stock imagery and graphics that can help mitigate cost if that becomes an issue.
Large format banner imagery is another great method of incorporating graphics into your brand. Whether you’re planning on purchasing a roadside billboard, or simply updating your website homepage, a bold banner graphic can communicate an impactful message to your target demographic. One focus of LOJO’s web graphic design is creating a message that represents your goals and interpreting it visually into an image that can cover whatever medium your producing. For instance, lets say you’re printing 1,000 new brochures to promote a new campaign; with the right message and front cover banner imagery, you can incorporate new ideas into your brand, infusing it with what matters to your target market. If your campaign happens to be a new product of luxurious furnitures made from eco-friendly and renewable resources, one possible concept could be a beautiful picturesque nature scene with the tagline “Interiors that Mother Nature can Settle Into,” which would market directly to environmentally conscience folks. LOJO can help you determine what goals and messages are needed to reach your audience on a personal level, and can create beautiful graphics to support your campaigns.

Every year, the seasons change, and you might notice how different brands incorporate holiday graphics into their campaigns. Is your company gearing up to promote a holiday event or holiday related product? LOJO can help you create those graphics! Again, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, your company can take advantage of different times of the year to help draw in new customers with custom holiday graphics made exclusively for your brand. We don’t have to tell you how successful certain coffee companies are at selling products due to their fresh holiday graphics. Maybe you’re just having a holiday sale and you need a digital graphic to support your campaign. LOJO can make your holiday graphics quickly and affordable. We do it on a regular basis.

Geo-targeted graphics is another specific way to engage your brand with different areas. Lets say you’re holding an event in the Sacramento downtown area, and you want to put up signs or hand out flyers in the broader surrounding areas like Roseville, Folsom, Elk Grove, or Davis. These are areas that we service often. Even though we are located in Rocklin, our reach is international. LOJO knows how to reach audiences all over and we can create simplified map graphics, event signage, programs, and email campaigns using your brand visuals to help illustrate what areas you care most about.

Yet another type of graphic that LOJO is familiar with making for our clients is infographics. These are informational visual aids to help explain statistical or qualitative info in a fun and interesting way. Having that sort of visual aid helps your customers understand the value of your brand. When we research a company that we’re making graphics for, we discover what makes them stand out among their competitors, and what better way to describe these differences than with a stand-out infographic? They are trending and impactful displays with all of your brand’s best features incorporated. Every business in any industry can benefit from regular and engaging visuals that help explain all the complex reasons your brand should be on top.

Looking for more ideas on how to enhance your brand with graphics? Don’t be afraid to give us a call or write to us. We can discuss the details of your brand together and come up with concepts that might require a conversation. We like to think abstractly here, and outside the box. Because the spectrum of possibilities is so broad, most of the time it comes down to priority. So what’s your priority? Maybe graphical solutions peak your interest but might not be the right answer for you brand at this time. Share with us your goals and we will find a solution that will help you achieve it.

Stand out and be recognized by those who matter most, your clients.

LOJO can give your brand the lasting look it needs to get clients in the door.


“I have never dealt with a company that is so responsive the way LOJO is. Any time there is a glitch in our system, LOJO is just a phone call or a quick email away, and they are there, promptly helping us. Special thanks to everyone behind the scenes that made our website look so great. Their slogan “Problem Solved” couldn’t be more appropriate and fitting. LOJO is definitely on my referral list.”

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