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A sneak peak into our logo design philosophy and processes

lojo_branding_service1If you are unfamiliar with the purpose or the importance of a well developed logo, we urge you to consider the following. Think of your logo as the face of your business. It is how your customers will recognize you. It should represent your business and your company’s core values. And if you haven’t given your logo design a decent amount of time and effort, then it probably won’t get you very far in your industry.

We pride ourselves at LOJO in our vast knowledge and experiences designing logos for our clients. If you have the time to peruse our logo design portfolio, you would find that we have created unique and industry proven logos that stand the test of time. We believe that it is important for your logo design to be timeless and cohesive with your brand identity. It should resonate with your target audience and inspire them to want to do business with you every time they see it. Your logo is the core of your brand and should be given the attention it deserves.

It is important to know that we offer many types of logo design solutions to fit whatever your requirements might be. Whether you have a low budget and just need a couple tweaks to your existing logo, or if you're ready to have us dive into an in depth market analysis of the best possible logo you could have in the top industries, it doesn't matter. We have clients that have asked us to pick a font for them and nothing more, and even though we'd advise against putting so little thought into it, we are able to accommodate virtually any type of logo design request. We've also had clients ask us to spend time just coming up with sketches and ideas for boardroom meetings even when a new logo design wasn't an option. The point is considering that your logo may need attention, and any type of progress gets you closer to your goal of leading your business into the forefront of your industry.

A glimpse of our logo design packages

Prices starting at $125

For budget-conscience creative doers who know exactly what they want their logo to look like and already have a mock-up.

Prices starting at $400

If you find yourself saying something similar to “we like our logo, we just want it updated,” this package is the one for you.

Prices starting at $1,250

Best suited for companies with an open mind, and without any concept or clue of what they want their logo to be.

Typically we have a set guideline for our logo development process, but that does depend heavily on what our client’s expectations are. It generally begins with analyzing company history, goals, evolving market trends, and most importantly the target audience. After we have a good understanding of our research results, we begin the brainstorming and conceptualizing phase. This is a pretty messy process involving a lot of erasing, circling, connecting with lines, and broken pencil lead. What can we say, we enjoy the creative process. Once we’ve explored a predetermined amount of possible directions, we usually share our progress up to this point with our clients. Communication is of the upmost importance during any creative process, so as not to waste time following a path that doesn’t pan out. We generally offer a number of revisions necessary to our client’s goals in order to achieve the best outcome possible. Basically we offer customized logo packages to fit your needs.

The LOJO design process in a nutshell

1. Discovery Phase

Client interview, examination of the givens, industry, and target audience.

2. Thinking phase

Conceptualization/abstraction exercises to interpret the relation between gaols and ideas.

3. Experiment phase

Brainstorming and expanding into new concepts, creating variation.

4. Visualization phase

Lots and lots of pencil sketches and design notations.

5. Execution phase

Rendering compositions into vector illustrations and clean-up.

6. Response phase

Initial client review and subsequent revision rounds until 100% satisfactory result.

7. Completion phase

Rendering of final versions into compatible file formats and sizes for multiple uses.

Another important aspect of logo creation is making sure your logo looks good in black and white. Any well educated or experienced designer should know this. We have seen a lot of start-up businesses take this for granted, and wind up coming to us to “fix” their logo so it works in different scenarios. If the logo looks good in black and white, chances are it will look decent at smaller sizes, which is extremely relevant to representing you brand digitally. Generally when LOJO has completed a logo, we provide it to our clients in a variety of sizes and file formats. The basic idea is that not only will your logo look good for just ideal usage, but for any use.

When it comes to client satisfaction, you don’t need to worry. LOJO never designs logos for our clients that they aren’t happy with. We don’t like to settle, and you shouldn’t have to either. We don’t stop working on your logo until it is everything you want it to be. This is never really an issue because of how highly we value communication between us. You might have a question or concern about your logo design at this point in your venture, and we are always available to lend you our advise. It could be an easy fix, or a long journey, but we will be there to take that journey together.

Stand out and be recognized by those who matter most, your clients.

LOJO can give your brand the lasting look it needs to get clients in the door.


“LOJO is always willing to help. They have a great design team and my experience with them has been very positive.”

Dell Richards - Dell Richards Publicity

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