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An Overview of LOJO’s Digital Marketing Plans

With our digital marketing plans, you will let LOJO be your companion in this open galaxy of opportunities for your brand.

In our years of experience, we know for a fact that no two businesses are alike in terms of marketing goals. Of course, all companies strive to draw in more leads, to bring in more customers into the sales funnel to (eventually) convert into complex sales. But the marketing road map for each will vary from company to company.

And while LOJO already has a lot to offer in terms of digital marketing plans, we still have many clients who would prefer to have a completely worry-free marketing solution to continue doing what they do best for their own business.

For this reason, we came up with our full-service and worry-free digital marketing plans— one of our house specialties here at LOJO.

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Inbound: LOJO’s Approach to Marketing Success

Inbound Methodology

Attract Tools

Engage Tools

Delight Tools

Understand that we’re utilizing an Inbound approach to developing and implementing your marketing strategy with our full-service digital marketing plan.

Especially if you’ve been in business for quite some time now, you would already have noticed that marketing today has greatly evolved in recent years. 

While the core principles haven’t changed, it’s the new styles and tactics to connect with an online audience that many a small business struggles to keep up with. 

A question we commonly get here at LOJO is, “what is inbound marketing, and how is it different from digital marketing?”

Digital marketing is the sort of marketing used today across digital platformsThis includes just about everything online— such as websites, social media, email, mobile phones, mobile apps, and other media in a digital format, which includes graphics, branding, advertisements, video, podcasts, and more. 

On the other hand, inbound marketing is a precise approach to connecting with audiences. It puts more of a premium on sharing experience and expertise, being genuinely helpful, and nurturing relationships.

The way we see it, digital marketing may be more of a broad category to describe many forms of newer electronic, online, and mobile media and marketing avenues, while inbound marketing is more of a philosophy on how marketing should be done.


How Do I Benefit from LOJO's Digital Marketing Plans?

Without a doubt, your business will succeed with a proper inbound marketing strategy in place. After all, your market is already online. And allowing yourself to be better discovered online opens your doors to a wider, more global market.

It’s certainly not easy as it entails a lot of work and quite a degree of specialization. Of course, as a business owner, you can probably handle quite a bit of marketing yourself. But wouldn’t you instead focus on more higher-level decision-making that comes from running the day-to-day affairs of your business?

LOJO’s full-service, worry-free digital marketing plans allow you to do just that: 
Focus on your business’s needs so that you can do what you’re good at while allowing our crack team of digital marketing space cadets to take care of your dirty marketing work for you.

Global Marketing - Digital Marketing Plans

After all, hiring LOJO certainly makes more sense than building up your in-house marketing team. We already have the experience and the expertise, as well as top-notch talent, to cover just about anything you might need to grow your business: content writing, SEO, PPC, graphic design, website development, and so much more.

Our highly personalized approach takes all your goals, requirements, resources, and other special conditions into consideration. With this in mind, we’ll have a comprehensive and detailed marketing roadmap specifically for your business and your brand’s success. 


What Services are Included in LOJO's Digital Marketing Plans?

You’re going to love working with LOJO.

We employ a good number of cutting-edge marketing tools to give you that much-needed edge over your competition.

LOJO Digital Marketing Plans

We have a lot of ground to cover, and our suite of tools allows us to accomplish a lot more for you. To address your growing business needs, we also have many other services to take your marketing efforts even further.

In short, the LOJO digital marketing plan is a comprehensive and worry-free marketing solution for your brand and business.

The signature LOJO digital marketing plan includes:

LOJO Digital Marketing Plans

Campaign Setup

  • Full profile build for every defined persona

Personas are the core of all our marketing efforts. We take time to interview you and any associated customers to flesh these personas out as accurate representations of your ideal buyers. That way, our content will resonate and compel your actual prospects to go down the marketing funnel.

  • Create a master list of the key needs, questions, and concerns for each stage of the buyers journey.

The three stages of the Buyers Journey are Awareness, Consideration and Decision.

  • Create a campaign roadmap

This is where we take the campaign’s goals and objectives and assign required activities, content, and software to achieve the desired results.

Recurring Campaign Activities

No website page goes unturned with our page performance evaluation, where load times, bounce rates, and more are optimized, so they’re squeaky clean, running smoothly, and converting on all cylinders.

  • Review site page performance, bounce rates, time on page, etc. – prioritize design needs accordingly.
  • Sync design strategy with inbound marketing Road Map
  • Edits Include 1-2 updates per month (Approximately 30 min. of updates) as needed to increase conversions. 

Note: These updates may include graphic design that is not limited to use only on the website (IE: Social Media graphic creation.)

We utilize social media as a platform to augment the content distribution efforts that are part of your Full-Service plan.

  • Basic posting of content created as part of the overall marketing campaign. 

Note: Premium social media services are available at an additional cost. This services may include contest creation, and social media account moderation, social media-specific content, social media account augmentation, etc. 

Content offers are a prominent lead generation tool that helps your users solve a problem. We base these off of personas, industry research, and your own insights.

Content Offer:

  • One new (Minor/1-page) content offer (tip sheet, checklist, etc.) per quarter. 

Note: Premium content offer creation is available at an additional charge. Offers could include white papers, 10X landing pages, etc.

  • Creation of accompanying blog article

Offer Promotion Campaign:

  • Landing page (See the website enhancement section)
  • Thank You page (See the website enhancement section)
  • Social promo (See the social media section)
  • Email promo (See the email marketing section)
  • CTA(s) (See the website enhancement section)

Utilizing email ensures your message gets out to your contacts about new articles, press releases, and new content offers.

Email Marketing Includes:

  • Creation of 1 newsletter template
  • Up to 2 customer mailing list email sends per month as needed. 

In addition to the online campaigns created to drive traffic and leads, additional campaigns and promotional offers are often required to drive sales growth.

Additional Campaigns Include: 

  • Quarterly brainstorming of seasonal and or limited time offers.

Quarterly Campaign Promotion Activities May Include: 

  • A digital flyer design (See content offers section)
  • Graphics and or banner to add to the website (See website enhancement section.)
  • Social media graphics (See website enhancement section.)
  • Coordination of print/mailing service (Physical printing and mailing is an additional cost.)
  • Promotional email send (See email section)

You’ll always be informed of what we’re doing and when we’re doing it. This means regular reports so everything is addressed and we ensure we continue in the right direction as we move forward.

Strategy/Review Sessions Include:

  • One call/virtual meeting per month as needed.
  • Monthly planned activities/performance reports. 

LOJO’s Own Marketing Software

You’re probably doing fine with your marketing efforts right now. But imagine for a moment, a time when you start having dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of inquiries coming in?

Indeed, it’s a good problem to have, but as your base of clients grows, so too will you need more time to carry out email campaigns successfully, social media posts, and other advertising or promotional campaigns.

Marketing automation allows you to do more and lets you create more customized– or even personalized– experiences for your leads and customers.

Website Security

We take your site security seriously here at LOJO. Therefore, your full-service marketing plan comes with our site security audit and deployment of additional measures to protect your website from anything from spam to brute-force attacks.

We’ll also recommend a suitable backup and disaster recovery protocols to ensure your site runs smoothly and as worry-free as possible around the clock.

Review Llama

Review Llama is LOJO’s own local business review management software. We watch out for your happy customers and get those awesome reviews up on Google, Facebook, and other sites that matter.

Our goal is to amplify all the great stuff people are saying about your brand while addressing and recovering unhappy customers and minimizing negative public reviews and hits to your online reputation.

Call Fire Phone Tracking

Your full-service marketing package also comes with CallFire– a call tracking service that allows you to assign toll-free numbers to a particular advertising or promotional campaign. 

Doing so allows you to see which campaigns yield you the best results, which will enable you to refine your marketing strategies even further.

Regular Reports

One of the ways we have to keep you posted is through regular reports on how your campaigns are doing. This way, we can track progress, identify any trouble-spots to avoid, or opportunities to capitalize on and make our recommendations.

Of course, you can call us any time for a quick update. All the same, we’d like to prepare some hard documentation for your reference, and in case other members of your team would also want to be in the loop for all your campaigns managed by LOJO.

You Get A Whole Team

Our team works together to make the magic happen. From the Strategist who formulates the plan of attack to the Copywriter who executes premier content, you’ll have access to our expertise whenever you need it.

*Depending on website platform 
**With SEO plan addition
***With PPC plan addition

With a LOJO digital marketing package, you not only get some pretty awesome marketing tools and services, but you also get the expertise and guidance of our team to help you make the most of your new marketing capabilities.

A tailored, customized approach means that LOJO develops a specially-designed marketing package for you, with everything you need to help your business grow, thrive, and make a lasting impact in your own space.


What if I Already Have an Internal Marketing Resource?

Even if you have an internal marketing executive or an in-house marketing team, our digital marketing plan can work for you.

We’ll identify your team’s strengths and allow them to shine and do what they do best.

Meanwhile, we can hyperfocus on other key areas, fill in the gaps in the overall marketing strategy, or capitalize on other marketing opportunities for your business.

Internal Marketing Resource LOJO

LOJO can be flexible as far as marketing goes, allowing a great deal of adaptability and resilience.

More importantly, we look for ways to better synergize with your team and any ongoing efforts you might already have.


What Can I Do to Aid in Marketing My Business?

We’ve worked with many business owners and marketing executives (those ultimately tasked to oversee the campaigns to fruition) who want to have a more active role in their company’s marketing efforts.

We, of course, welcome the enthusiasm and the passion for getting things done, and we always consider an owner’s strengths and preferences as far as marketing the business goes.

There are many things owners, and top executives can do, should they decide to be more hands-on when it comes to marketing and promotions.


How Are Results Measured?

One of the key advantages of digital marketing, at least compared to more traditional forms of mass media, is that you can more easily measure results.

The moment we start with our full-service, worry-free digital marketing plan for you, we’ll establish a baseline or a starting-off point for all our marketing efforts.

From there, we keep track of our progress regularly.

In line with this, we’ll also discuss your preferred key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your growing success.

Typically, we’d monitor your:

Reports are based on these KPIs, and even as we continually monitor activity and engagement, we can subsequently make recommendations or adjustments to the overall marketing strategy as necessary.


What Should I Expect if I Team Up With LOJO?

Yes, we’re a digital marketing agency, but we’d like to think we do things a little differently. 

We’ve worked with all sorts of clients and done all manners of marketing projects over the last 18 years. And as our partners can attest, it’s not just our inbound approach to marketing that sets us apart from other teams, it’s also the way we generally do things.

A Detail-Oriented Approach

We believe we run a tight ship in our many years of experience as far as your marketing efforts are concerned.

From our initial marketing consultation, where we establish all your company’s unique requirements to create your marketing roadmap, we take down notes and set you up for marketing success.

Your overall marketing strategy will have several different projects, all moving simultaneously, each tied to a particular goal.

Our tools and systems in place allow us to track our progress, identify both gaps and opportunities which need addressing, and periodically make any necessary course corrections and adjustments.

Other than the regular reports we provide you, you can request updates at any time, and we’ll be more than happy to fill you in with our observations and insights on your ongoing marketing efforts, as well as our recommended action steps.

A More Personal Touch

In the same manner that you put your heart and soul into your business, so do we put all that extra love and care into your marketing roadmap.

It’s the reason we make a great deal of effort in knowing you and your business needs better and tailor-fit your digital marketing plan according to your requirements. 

Even as we have our regular onboarding processes, daily workflow, and monthly reporting systems in place, know that you can get in touch with our team at any time to talk about how your marketing campaigns are doing.

A Commitment to Your Success

At LOJO, we believe your success is our success.

While we know marketing is a lot of work, we also know that marketing is tons of fun. And we only hope to share this same passion with you and your team.

Probably it’s because we know that digital marketing works, as we’ve seen the successful implementation of all sorts of plans for all kinds of clients. 

For this reason, we are committed to making it all work for you as well.

You can count on LOJO to be on top of the latest developments in digital marketing and figure out how to best make it work for your business. 

We understand that we’re now dealing with both local markets and global markets for your brand. And we have an international coalition of top-notch talent working round-the-clock to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently for you.

Whatever it is you might have in mind, know that you can get in touch with LOJO at any time.

We hope you can take comfort knowing that, even in the age of auto-responders and mass-market call centers, you can get a more personal consultation with us here at LOJO.


How Much Does Digital Marketing Plans Cost?

Full Service Marketing Plan LOJO Marketing

Inbound Digital Marketing Plans

Start at**


**Starting price includes service only. Bundled software offered at a discounted additional rate.

On-boarding and setup fee apply.
For full details see the Digital Marketing Plan Pricing page.


A Final Word on Digital Marketing Plans

With LOJO’s full-service digital marketing plan, you not only sign up for our signature inbound marketing approach, but you also get a dedicated and hard-working team committed to your marketing success.

Through our variety of inbound marketing methods, LOJO efficiently and effectively uses modern conversion techniques to bring in high-quality traffic to your telephone, door, or website.

We know that Return on Investment (or ROI) is the basis of all efforts. And for that reason, our Inbound approach is focused on growth, so that even working with your company’s existing goals, we constantly look for more opportunities to go even further in terms of marketing and promotions.

With that in mind, our full-service, worry-free digital marketing plan has been designed specifically to yield the highest return on your investment. 

By utilizing our trademark Inbound Methodology, as well as an array of cutting-edge marketing tools, a pool of top-drawer talent, and high-quality service, you can rest assured that LOJO’s got you covered for any of your marketing needs.

Get in touch with us today and request a marketing consultation from one of our Inbound-certified team members (most likely, it will either be Stephen or Eric). We are eager to be your long-term Inbound Marketing Partner and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Talk to Us

We’d really love to hear from you.

Tell us all about your business– your vision for the future, your plans, and which projects you feel passionate about right now. We’d also want to hear about the challenges you face and what else you think you need to take your business to the next level.

We’ll be happy to share our insights and experiences with you and give you our recommendations and suggested courses of action as far as your marketing and promotion efforts go.

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