“Content is King.” -- Bill Gates

marketing_service10Content is your single biggest weapon which represents your brand. Whether you are creating content for your website, brochure, blog, book, newsletter, sales letter, or even what you put on your business card, MAKE IT COUNT! Time is precious and is THE most valued commodity your audience will provide.

Make every word count. Most importantly, when creating a digital marketing piece such as a website, it is imperative to stand out from everyone else. LOJO strongly recommends against template designs or canned copy. The more unique for any marketing piece the better. This means all the more important to have a unique design to coincide with your brand, unique imagery, and as is the focus for this page of our website… unique content.

On that note, you may be asking well how do you charge for content? The answer is it depends on the piece we are writing for. We can charge by the word, the page, or flat rate for the project. We do offer copyediting services as well. For a full price list and to discuss your project, please contact a LOJO Solutions Engineer today at (916) 303-4080.

LOJO Marketing services

For additional discussion about how LOJO can help market your product, event, or business, we can be reached at our office in Rocklin California, just twenty minutes north of Sacramento at (916) 303-4080.

Website Analysis

How are search engines currently viewing your site? Do you have critical errors in your sites code or duplicate meta information which could be easily fixed to improve your rankings?

Most likely as the majority of web design companies only focus on quick turnover sites and as they do not specialize in marketing leave out all the detailed work to help your website be a marketable digital asset!

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“I have never dealt with a company that is so responsive the way LOJO is. Any time there is a glitch in our system, LOJO is just a phone call or a quick email away, and they are there, promptly helping us. Special thanks to everyone behind the scenes that made our website look so great. Their slogan “Problem Solved” couldn’t be more appropriate and fitting. LOJO is definitely on my referral list.”

Rosanna de León - BlueStone Asset Management

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