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marketing_service5Pretty much anyone can build a website these days. If your a start-up needing to watch your costs, the do it yourself websites or craigslist may be the route you went. Perhaps you went the WholeFoods or Nugget Market route for improved quality of design or programming. Either way, you may have a great looking website, but what you may not know is your site is not effectively being indexed by search engines.

LOJO is happy to perform an Inbound Marketing Checkup for your business to provide you with the in-depth information needed to know how your marketing efforts are going. Fill out the below to request LOJO’s no cost, no obligation Inbound Marketing “Light” Edition.

Upgrade at anytime to our “Platinum” Edition for $199, which includes more in-depth information and a sit down session with one of our Inbound Specialist to provide feedback about more in-depth Inbound efforts as well as how to improve lead conversions to generate revenue.

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Looking for a complete system for your marketing needs? Need a company focused on generating qualified leads to convert into new customers? Ready to work together to reach increased revenue goals?

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