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Welcome to our project showcase, folks!

LOJO Marketing started way back in 2001, out of a small garage in Rockin, California. Since then, we’ve been helping local businesses, e-commerce shops and online merchants, coaching and consultancy professionals, and other ventures to grow their brands and build a loyal customer base that can support them throughout their journey to success.

The experience and expertise that we’ve gained through the last 19 years help us make more insightful decisions and recommendations when it comes to our clients’ marketing programs. Through our familiarity with the digital space, our goal is to help our clients better understand the needs of their target audiences and various business goals..

What Has LOJO Been Up To Lately?

There are several aspects of digital marketing, and different businesses will have different needs to prioritize in their branding strategy.

With years of experience in the industry, LOJO has gained expertise in multiple digital marketing techniques, and can properly identify what your business needs and help you fill that need immediately and effectively.

For instance, LOJO recently helped a food truck business gain more customers by improving its social media presence. LOJO understands how important social media is right now, and by making sure that useful and attractive content is provided to potential customers, LOJO helped the business increase its reach and improve online visibility.

Meanwhile, another business reached out to LOJO for assistance in improving its website so that more people would want to visit it and learn about its services. With LOJO’s guidance, the business’s website traffic grew exponentially in less than a year, significantly improving its reach and chances to attract new customers.

How a Food Truck Business Found Success with Effective Social Media Content

The importance of social media in marketing has grown significantly in the past couple of years. Before, social media was simply a means to connect with more people over the internet. Over the years, however, social media has evolved into a medium for businesses to gain and keep customers by familiarizing them with their brand.

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How Digital Marketing Helped an RV Rental Business Improve Further

Having a company website and paying for advertisements just aren’t enough anymore if you want to stay competitive in the internet-dependent market. The sooner a company integrates digital marketing strategies into its business, the better its chances are of attracting and retaining customers.

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Rebranding An Insurance Company With LOJO Marketing

While some companies prefer keeping their branding image intact until they finally achieve their desired goals, other businesses go through rebranding for a fresh start. Rebranding can be challenging, but it has a lot of benefits if done right.

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New Website Launch: AccessAPal

In this digital age, having a professional website is highly necessary if you want your business to succeed. Having a website provides your company with an online presence that you can use for digital marketing to increase your brand awareness and gain more customers.

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How Effective Email Marketing Helped Build Homes for Wildfire Survivors

A massive tragedy struck California in 2018, as a destructive wildfire dubbed as Camp Fire killed no less than 80 people while burning down more than 150,000 acres of land and property. As a result, hundreds of families lost their homes, particularly in the towns of Paradise and Concow where approximately 95% of the structures were destroyed in flames.

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Let LOJO Design An Awesome Logo For Your Brand

Logo design is an integral part of building a business brand. Your logo acts as the physical representation of your brand, and it’s important to make sure that your logo captures your business identity to allow you to stand out and make your mark on the world.

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Web Design Projects

LOJO can also build an online site from scratch, as proven when it helped a company to develop its own website.

Creating a website is a crucial step in launching your business online because you want to make sure that your website can properly represent your brand to your audience. Here at LOJO Marketing, you can be sure that we pay attention even to the smallest details about your business so that we understand exactly what you want to do and execute it to the best of our abilities.

Logo Design Gallery

LOJO isn’t a stranger to the importance of logo design, too. You want your logo to become a visual cue that makes customers think of your brand as soon as they see it. LOJO prides itself in creating logos that not only get the customers’ attention but also promote your brand identity by making sure you stand out from the rest of the competition.

How Can LOJO Help You and Your Business?

Our world has significantly changed over the last two to three decades, with continuous technological advancements and innovations fueling daily transformations across several industries and business sectors.

One of the biggest and most powerful inventions in that time span is the internet. Nowadays, a good chunk of the average person’s daily life is spent on the internet, either for work tasks or recreational activities.

The growing reliance of people on the internet has made digital marketing a necessary tool for businesses of all sizes to succeed. With the majority of potential customers spending much of their time online, it’s essential to market your business strategically on the internet to widen your reach and increase your brand awareness.

Ideally, your business should partner with a digital marketing agency that can help you promote your brand and build on your customer base through effective marketing strategies. LOJO Marketing is an example of a digital marketing agency that can help your business improve and increase sales over time by utilizing professional digital marketing techniques.

Whether it’s designing or modifying a website, creating a logo, improving your social media presence, or enhancing your digital marketing efforts, LOJO can surely help your business grow further. Contact LOJO Marketing today so that you can start working together to improve your brand and increase your chances of success.

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