Website Retainers

Website Retainer Packages

Need a Ship and Crew? Worry-Free Packages Now Available

Full-Service Websites

Our full-service website retainer service comes with a low monthly fee.

Our web development retainers act like a full concierge service covering maintenance, updates, technical support, and bug fixes. In addition, we design customer-focused websites to ensure high conversion rates, and ultimately, growth in your sales and loyal customer base.

Because we always anticipate business growth, we build all our sites on a flexible open-source platform; this means you can scale up your website as you receive more traffic and more customer orders.

At LOJO, we also offer top-level security suites and software to protect your digital assets and your client’s sensitive information.


On-Boarding and Setup

Website Retainers

Our website retainers and builder packages come with a one-time setup fee that varies with the project’s scope.


Website Retainer Length

All our website retainers are based on a contracted period, with the length of service agreement varies based on the size and scope of the website.


Service Retainer Cost



(Small Start-Ups)

You can start with our Nebula Plan if you need an online presence. But since LOJO always anticipates business growth, i.e., more traffic and spike in orders, we recommend upgrading down the road.



(Custom Designed Websites)

Our custom-designed websites ensure a great customer experience and easy navigation, which is the key to growing your loyal customer base.


(Larger websites & E-Commerce Web Solutions)

Make money 24/7 with your new custom-designed e-commerce website, helping to get your business jump started.

We make sure that your websites are interactive, information-dense, and shopper-friendly to help you grow your sales and reach the global market.  

When you sign up for our website retainers and builder package, you get to enjoy a unique, customer-focused site that allows your business to reach more customers, grow your sales, and drive your brand awareness. 

At LOJO, we use an open-source platform when building new websites to ensure that they grow and adjust to your ever-changing business needs.

A website retainers and builder for your specific business needs.

If you're looking for a full-service, worry-free website retainers and builder packages at an affordable price, just click below to schedule a quick call with one of our team members. We look forward to hearing from you.