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Full-Service Websites

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Need a new website? With our business-friendly full-service website build and retainer program, you can have LOJO custom design a new website using the latest Inbound Marketing principles to relate to your target market and promote higher conversion rates.

Our websites are built on a flexible open sourced platform that allows your site to grow and change with your business. As your site grows, you will have no need to worry as LOJO performs top level security, maintenance and updates on a routine basis.


On-Boarding and Setup

In order to start a website build/retainer there is a setup an on-boarding fee that varies with the scope of the website. This fee is only on your first payment and is a one time occurrence. 


Retainer Length

All website retainers are based on a contracted period of time. The length of service agreement varies based on the size and scope of the website.


Service Retainer Cost



(Small Start-Ups)

Starting your business and need an online presence? Look no further than our Nebula plan. 



(Custom Designed Websites)

Custom design is where its at! Showcase your business and give your customers the experience you know they deserve. 


(Larger websites & E-Commerce Web Solutions)

Make money 24/7 with your new custom-designed e-commerce website, helping to get your business jump started.

Who should you choose a full service website build and retainer? You get it all with this package. You get a website you can be proud of that will grow along side your business along with the peace of mind that your investment is safe and secure.

A website program that just makes sense.

If an affordable, worry free, new website is what you are looking for, just click below and schedule a quick call with one of our team members. We look forward to hearing from you.